Send-mail doesn't work win username like ""

I don’t undestand why. Error: Invalid pass or user. May be user-name was cutted?

It’s possible there’s a bug in parsing the parameters that doesn’t like “-” in the email address domain. I assume you’ve already verified the address and password are correct by connecting to the email account some other way (web interface, email app, etc.)?

Yes. I checked with web and Thunderbird uses it.

Can you try running the failing command from the command line with the --verbose=true parameter added? Perhaps it will include details about what part is failing.

I see no error. All parameters was written good.

I sent you my screenshot.

BTW, I can create account for testing)

I’m really sorry. It’s my fault! I have to use another password, that I should create for mail operations. But I used password for account. It’s new security option, that I forgot ((.

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