Self contained binaries

Hi duplicati community,

Is there any project to produce self contained binaries based on cpu architecture instead of packages specific to distribution ?

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Hi @rockandska,

The zip files are system agnostic. I believe they’re even architecture agnostic - provided that the architecture supports .net virtual machines.

What system are you interested in deploying on?

Hi @Pectojin,

Maybe i was not clear or i misunderstand what you said but i don’t see on duplicati releases a self contained binary ( exemple: duplicati- , duplicati- ) who permit to users to download a binary without the needing to use a distribution package manager to install it and the depencies needed.

More explicit, i was looking for releases organized this way

That’s not how C# works. Like Python or Java it runs on a small virtual platform that is uniform on any architecture it’s deployed on.

So it depends on your specific platform if it has that virtual machine to run the C# package.

The 8th package in the list is a generic zip that will run on anything that implements such a virtual machine (e.g. mono or .net)