Scheduling on Mac

Hello people,
I’ve just bought an iMac, and I’ve installed Duplicati.

I’d like to know, please, how to let the schedule run on my iMac.
How I can let Duplicati start at system boot?

I’m a newbie on macOS, I’m sorry.

I’ve noticed that I have to manual start Duplicati to let the schedule works.

Thanks in advance,

Pardon my vague naming, I’m doing this from memory. :slight_smile:

Open system settings, go to users and select your user, in there you should find an area to select what apps start when the user logs in. Click the plus button then browse to /Applications and select Duplicati.

If you need more detail, let me know and get on a Mac for some screen shots.

Oh, and you can also consider installing as a service / daemon so backups will happen when the computer is turned on rather than only when the user is logged in.

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Solved, thanks!!


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