Scheduling multiple backups for the "same time"

Running Duplicati on a server and backing up a number of machines here, I run about 12 backup operations overnight, starting at 2am. I have the jobs spread out between 2am and 6am. Now that Duplicati has completed all of its initial backups and I’ve got my filesystem issues sorted, these backups generally only take seconds or minutes to complete. There doesn’t seem to be any point in spreading the start times out, since they will all finish within 10-30 minutes.

Is there any risk to asking Duplicati to start all these overnight backups at exactly the same time (i.e. 2:00am)? I’m assuming that the jobs will simply run sequentially, but I thought I read somewhere that someone was leaving a one minute gap between jobs so I wanted to make sure I don’t break something.

You will not break anything, but you can’t be sure in what order backup jobs will run.
If you leave a small time difference (for example 1 minute) between backup schedules, backups will be performed in your preferred order.


Thank you! I thought I remembered reading about someone leaving one minute gaps, but I wasn’t sure.