Scheduled restore and save as command

Hi , I trying to find feature , how to run scheduled restore from cloud backup ( one drive ) form one server to another server - location . Backup is made via Duplicati on source Linux server , data saved as encrypted backup on Onedrvie for Bussines . On second server (win 2019) I have connected onedrive , I’m able to restore form GUI per request. But - cannot find option, how to save duplicati restore command , entered by mouse in GUI - to be used in windows scheduler . any ideas ?

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Export As Command-line gives you a backup command. You then edit syntax into the two commands:

repair command with missing database (pointed to by –dbpath) creates it from data at remote backup.

restore command restores data. I’d guess folder syntax would be in source (Linux) form with trailing “/”, but haven’t tested. If it works like GUI’s Direct restore from backup files, cross-OS needs –restore-path

You’ll need to edit --dbpath, because the path on Windows destination won’t be same as Linux source.

Are you sure you wouldn’t rather use file sync software? What you’re doing is awkward for Duplicati, as database recreate must be done on the second system, and there’s more overhead than in, say, rclone which doesn’t do backup versioning as well, but it’s not clear in above how much you want versioning…

Thank you. Reason for doing this is migrating db data between two non-compatible db servers ( Miranda and MS SQL ) , over internet ( not possible to establish server to server VPN ) . I only miss feature "export as command line " for restore side , cause it will be much faster, than study , how Duplicati works. And I wondering, why do not have schedule and export command for restore , if have same features programmed for backup . So - maybe will help fro many others …

You can edit the backup export into something for the repair. You will have a different –dbpath, due at least to OS difference, but the path doesn’t matter as long as it’s the same --dbpath that restore uses.

This still seems like doing it the hard and slow way compared to an rclone to OneDrive then to win2019. There’s no VPN connection required, and I assume you’re just trying to clone exact copies of some files.

I would say the typical use case backs up a lot, restores infrequently, and customizes what they restore. Making a more complicated UI for things that are used by few gets in the way for most. Additionally, as you can see from this discussion, Duplicati can only awkwardly restore to another system. It works best restoring to the system that did the backup, and I see even less point having a restore schedule locally.

For the reasons stated at the top of this post, Duplicati on the source cannot export a restore command ready to run on some other system because of things like not knowing where you want its local DB put.

If you’re saying you want the ability on the destination side, that won’t work because there’s no job on it. You must never try to create jobs on different systems using the same backup destination. They collide.