Scanning for local blocks - Where?

I’m restoring a 13.7GB fileset, to a new (temporary) directory, 645MB of the files are definitely new/changed but a majority of the other files will not have changed since the original backup. The handful of those which have changed (outside of the 645MB) will likely only have new data appended. I therefore expect most of the data will come from local blocks.

When I have Duplicati set to scan for local blocks are part of the restore, where does it look? Is it looking at the same paths that were used as part of the original backup or elsewhere?

Yes, it looks only at the (original) source files, to see if it can lift the blocks from there. If those paths do not exists on the system you are restoring on, it will not find the blocks there.

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I hope you don’t mind me resurrecting a relatively old thread but I have a question to add.

I am in the process of checking my backup by restoring it to an external hard drive, while I still have the original. Since starting yesterday it still displays Scanning for local blocks and I noticed that the folder with the backup has been steadiliy increasing in size. However I don’t see any internet usage.

If I understand this correctly, Duplicati is currently just scanning the local hard drive to see if it can find these files locally and if it does, it copies it to the new location?


I’ve checked the Restore page again:

If I choose the jobs CurrentProject or Archive, am I actually telling Duplicati to restore from my local files? And my correct option should had been Direct restore from backup files?


By default Duplicati will attempt to restore from local files wherever it can. A direct restore from backup files is an option for a DR restore, where your job configuration is missing. This option will first build a temporary database for you to select a restore date, restore path and restore file.

If you’d like to test a restore purely from the backup files themselves you’ll need to set the “no-local-blocks” advanced option. This way the restore will be performed fully from the job destination. Keep in mind you’ll be downloading most of your backed up data to perform the restore.

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