Saving NTFS permissions feature

As I understand the program does not currently support saving NTFS permissions.
So I should use in task “run-script-before-required” and “run-script-timeout” options with “icacls /save …” command?

In my understanding, in NTFS permissions are governed by the ACL settings of the directory in which the files reside in. If you restore to the same directory, you need not fiddle with the permissions. If you restore to another location, all you need is to set the ACL settings of the directory and the restored files will get the permissions you defined by the way of ACL’s. In principle. In practice, there may be some caveats I am not aware of.

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Did you see a firm statement (preferably in the documentation) one way or the other?

How the backup process works

In the actual implementation, it also stores metadata, such as permissions, modification times, etc, but we will omit those details here.

(gives hope, but vague)


--restore-permissions = false
By default permissions are not restored as they might prevent you from accessing your files. Use this option to restore the permissions as well.

is kind of indirect, but a previous feature request (essentially the same as this one) was extremely direct:

Add option to store file metadata (ACLs, permissions, attributes, etc). #19

however it was closed on Feb 10, 2015 without clear trail (that I spotted) about whether it had been done.

Implemented ACLs on Windows looks like feature was initially in v2.0.0.74-

Made the restore of permissions non-default added --restore-permissions for release one week after that.

I suggest you try setting that option to see whether it works. It appears so little that it might be little-tested.

As @AimoE mentioned, beware of inheritance if you do individual files. I think what’s backed up includes information on inheritance directly from the ACL (which typically just inherits, but doesn’t actually have to).

Access Control Inheritance
ACE Inheritance Rules
get into the complexities, and some of it is visible in File Explorer --> Properties --> Security --> Advanced

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I can confirm what @AimoE and @ts678 has mentioned.

Duplicati stores the ACL permissions by default, but by default does not restore it.

Thanks for answers!
I consider the situation of deleting the original subfolder with custom ACL or a complete loss of the source - i.e. recovery from scratch to new storage from new PC.
Earlier, I did a test recovery and for some reason concluded that NTFS ACL permissions are not saved. But today I double-checked and I see that they are preserved.