Save laptop profile to NAS

I’m running Duplicati in a Docker container in Openmediavault on a host named NAS.
I have a laptop named LAP wich I would like to backup my own profile “seb” on my NAS hdd.
So, I made a SMB share on seb folder on LAP.

Problem is that Duplicati doesn’t know that share.

During New Backup wizard, Source just show me the tree of folders inside my container (and some folders are mapped to the host). And if I put “\LAP\seb” in the “Add a path” field, I get this “The past must be an absolute path, i.e. it must start with a forward slash ‘/’”

So is there a way to accomplished what I am trying ?

Welcome to the forum @sebastien4444

I don’t use Docker, but usually we recommend running Duplicati on the system you want to backup.
For Windows, this will let you use VSS snapshots to avoid possible problems backing up open files.
NTFS USN can also be used to reduce the amount of time that must be taken to scan for changes.
Access of Source area over SMB may be slow, and prone to error or stop, e.g. if LAP goes inactive.

How? From a web response, the two paths appear to be direct to container, or to host then container.
You can probably find more about whichever one you use, and maybe verify it worked in docker exec.

Did you look where you put it? Can you confirm using some other means that your share is available?

Windows UNC paths don’t work on Linux or Duplicati (I fixed double leading backslash that forum ate).
Use Linux forward slash paths on Docker, which is Linux. What Docker image is being used anyway?