S3 Glacier File verification fails

I can confirm the 3 files exist in the bucket.
Does this have something to do with the way Glacier stores the files, is there a way around this?

EDIT: I can confirm that if I select Standard_IA I do not get this error.

How do I fix this?

Glacier doesn’t allow immediate read access to the objects. As such, Duplicati fails when it tries testing the files. I personally advise against using archive tier storage. (You can get hot storage at about the same cost as Glacier from other cloud providers such as Backblaze B2 or Wasabi.)

If you really, really want to use Glacier, then you should set these options:

--no-auto-compact = true
--no-backend-verification = true

These should get your backups to run without error.

But note that I don’t know how restores even work, since object availability on archive tier storage is measured in hours. I imagine Duplicati will fail on restores unless you move the objects to a higher tier. You should definitely test this thoroughly.

I figured that was the case, just needed to confirm.

I will try wasabi.