Running several tasks at the same time


Today I met the duplicati tool, I like it, but it is possible to run several tasks at the same time? I have three tasks, and I would like to be able to run all these tasks at the same time. From what I have noticed, the second task only starts when the first one is finished.

Possibly how to run several duplicati installations on different ports, could you run several tasks at the same time?

Hi @GratisLPG, welcome to the forum!

You noticed correctly that Duplicati runs individual backups sequentially, not concurrently.

The only way to have multiple backups running at the same time would be to start multiple instances of the Duplicati server. While it would likely work without issue, it’s not something we really test very much due to the potential system overhead it could cause.

could it be possible include this feature in a future release? thanks