Running script after backup job completion for shutdown of remote host

Hi all,

I need a little bit of help here if I may. I am not very good at setting up scripts and I have a specific goal I am trying to achieve. I am currently running Duplicati in an LXC container in Proxmox. The Proxmox host (also running Proxmox backup server) is mainly used for backing up other systems on my network and does not need to be running 24/7. The Duplicati LXC can ssh directly into the proxmox host and can shut it down.

Duplicati is backing up to Backblaze and I want to run a script to shutdown the Proxmox host after job completion.

From what I understand so far, the --run-script-after variable needs to be setup in the job itself. The script I have previously used in Promox backup server to shut it down works as follows -


if [ "$1" == "job-end" ]; then
ssh root@ "poweroff < /dev/null &"

exit 0

How would I amend this script to use in Duplicati to shutdown the same system?

Also, say my script is located in “/usr/local/bin/my-script” would I then just post this location in advanced options next to “run-script-after”

I did try and read through the script section in the manual but its quite a bit above my comprehension. Thanks for any assistance

Welcome to the forum @happyhammer7

Using Duplicati from the Command Line doesn’t need that, but for GUI, that’s how it runs scripts.

Sounds correct. You also need to make sure your container (did you build it?) has bash and ssh. Doesn’t ssh need to do some sort of authentication? Make sure whatever you’re doing is set up.