Running on remote server but not logged in

I have Duplicati installed on 4 remote servers. However, I have not been able to find a way to get the backups to run unless a session is left on even if the session is disconnected. If the user is logged out the backups will not run. I installed the one service I found but from what I see it only starts the Duplicati when a user logs in.

Is there a way to run Duplicati completely unattended?

Thanks Rick

Hello, are we talking about Windows? If so, service will let duplicati works completely unattended.

Services are started after windows startup - before user login.
But do not run service and tray duplicati at same time …

I have 2 OS’s. Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016. Maybe I installed the wrong “service”

Duplicati service is by default run under system account. So if you fant that, you have to copy config from user appdata to system appdata in Windows folder - or run server under user some account

Ah ok. And one more question then, how do I NOT run the tray? Since these are all terminal servers it runs the tray everytime someone logs in

Some articles are at Disable Launch Duplicati at startup. and Migrating from User to Service install on Windows.

Basically if you never want it you deselect it at install. If it’s already there you can delete it or render it harmless.

I’ve read and followed what ya’ll posted. Thank you very much for the insight and help in getting my issue(s) resolved. I will verify tomorrow that the backups worked on all my systems.

Thanks again Rick