Running duplicati on low-end Synology NAS

I am currently deciding which of the Synology NAS devices to buy. Has anyone had success running duplicati on their low-end models such as DS115j?

That model does have a mono package available but only has 256MB of ram. Is that sufficient or should I be considering a higher spec model? I don’t intend to use the NAS for anything more than backups.

I am running on a DS211 with 256MB ram and it works for me.

Which version of DSM are you running? I’ve tried to install Duplicati on my Synology 215J with DSM version 6.1.3-15152 and Mono Beta but I get the famous error “Failed to run the package service”. I think I have to modify a couple of things in order to get it working but the install is not as straight forward as other packages…

I need a clean DSM to test on, as mine “just works”.

It could be various details, such as having /opt/ or something similar.
Not sure how to get the log messages from the package manager though.

I know it’s not exactly the same, but for this type of testing purposes maybe XPEnology in a VM would be good enough?

Note that I believe the above link is slightly stale as it incorrectly states that DSM 6 isn’t supported.

I tried to get it up for testing, but it failed to boot after it installed DSM via the webpage.
Did you get it to work?

Edit: maybe this is the trick I did not try “Once complete, the VM will be rebooted. But since we erased all of the disks during installation, the VM will fail to boot properly and this is expected”

Sorry - XPEnology is next on my NAS evaluation list so I haven’t actually gotten to it yet. :frowning:

Got it to work, but I cannot get it to upgrade to DSM 6, and Duplicati requires DSM 6, because they switched to nginx there, and that is the best way to forward requests.

Thank for the update - and sorry for the dead end. I think I had XPEnology lower on my “check it out” list because I was hoping they’d have DSM 6 in place by the time I got to it. :frowning: