Running compare command from linux script

I’m trying to get the compare command to fire from a run-after backup script, however it fails with a timeout and when I’ve echo’d out where it fails, it’s because it’s asking to “enter a passphrase”

the section in my script is as below (all other aspects of my backup/script run fine)

duplicati-cli compare “b2://4BP-nas-test//backup?auth-username=&auth-password=” “–$passphrase” >> $comparefile

Where I am going wrong in triggering the compare from within a script.
(NB, triggering the compare from the GUI commandline works fine)

As usual, the answer is the most simple/staring right in front of you - I’d forgotten to add the “passphrase=” before the variable… so it should be;


The compare command is now running as required from the script.

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