Run script after - Duplicati on Qnap


Help please … !

I have a Qnap and Duplicati installed on it from the app center (Qnap Club repository)

I can’t make a script working with the “run-script-after”.

In the field Advanced Options -> run-script-after , i wrote :


To test, in this .sh script, i just have a cp file command.


Any idea to make a script .sh working ?

Thanks in advance,



Tag the script file as executable solved the problem (File properties or chmod +x
) .

For those who could be interested, the “run-script-after” script i use on the Qnap to automatically unmount and make the USB hard Drive safely removable when the backup is ended :


umount /dev/sdf1
echo ‘offline’ > /sys/block/sdf/device/state
echo ‘1’ > /sys/block/sdf/device/delete

exit 0

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Hello @Fifi, welcome to the forum - and thanks for sharing your solution!

Just out of curiosity, how difficult did you find it to install and configure Duplicati on your Qnap? I’m wondering if there are enough “gotcha’s” (like you ran into) to warrant a #howto topic specifically for installing / configuring on Qnap…

Hi @JonMikelV,

Thanks for your message,

Duplicati is just running “out of the box” on the Qnap. I didn’t had any other 'gotcha’s" that this stupid one.
I could just add that you have to do a right click on the Duplicati launcher and choose open in a new tab to run it.

So, i guess that a howto is no really necessary …


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