Run as admin on startup

I get almost mad how complicated it is to get Duplicati 2 to start as admin while booting windows 10

I have tried several options (run as service, task planer etc) NOTHING ist really working!!

WHY can’t you simply implement an option “start with windows”??

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I created a new task with the following properties:

(1) Run at Logon
(2) Run with the highest privileges checkbox selected
(3) Action: Start a program (and I configured it to the path to Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon)

At the system boot and when I log in to Windows, Duplicati starts and it is minimized in the system tray.

It been some time since I installed duplicati but my I think I just use ran the following in admin powershell.

cd "\Program Files\Duplicati 2"
./Duplicati.WindowsService.exe install --webservice-interface=any --webservice-port=8200 --server-datafolder=e:\Duplicati\data

sc.exe start duplicati

You will have to change the --webservice-interface and the --server-datafolder (if needed)

Duplicati Tutorial 02 Install Duplicati as a Service
are some documents to supplement what @dcurrey wrote (thanks for the input!). And yes it’s crude…

This should run, however it runs as SYSTEM by default (one can change the user, as with any service). Sometimes the service must be put on “Startup type: Automatic (Delayed Start)” instead of “Automatic”, because it verifies updates thoroughly before launching them, and reading takes too long at boot time…

Windows Service fails to start #2717

Perhaps because “you” is too few, and “simply” isn’t. Oddly, I didn’t notice any Feature request in the forum. Feel free to search further, and open one for discussion on exactly how you would propose it.

Another question is whether it should run as SYSTEM, thus have wide access to all users (defeating certain aspects of user-based protection of files), or should run as a given user, but with an elevation.

Update Windows installer to offer the choice of installing the Windows service #1738
looks like the feature request in GitHub, and points to some other pieces such as the tray icon which provides a certain amount of status that people like, but does not work if a GUI password is installed, because it can’t login to the server. There’s also an issue of Windows version updates clobbering the SYSTEM profile and moving it to Windows.old. So lots of issues to be sorted out, and low resources.

Duplicati Tray Icon Silently Dies with --no-hosted-server arg #3137 is on password and timing issues. Making things simple for the user is not a simple thing. Recently, reliability has been the main push… There are certainly a lot of competing feature requests and bugs too, both in the forum and in Issues.

I checked I do have it set fro delayed start also.

One other item I have is in Duplicati itself I have the " Pause after startup or hibernation" set for 10 minutes.

[SOLVED] Is it ok that I see 5 processes of Duplicati in Windows Task manager? explains how processes should look (and why) in the maximum normal configuration of Windows service, plus tray icon to add UI.

Starting with the basic 3 (before TrayIcon), what are you seeing for WindowsService processes, and can manual start of the service manage to get them going? Sort alphabetically and watch duplicati processes.

I forget at what level the pause is implemented, but you can see if turning it off helps the service problem.