Roaming profile in a windows network with domain controller

Hi all,

I noticed that Duplicati databases are stored in the default Administrator profile. Do you thik these databases would be usable on different computers inside this network using roaming profile for the Administrator account ?

It has to work perfectly if so, as databases, in my case, are huge : from 50 to 800 Mo depending on the size of the backup task…

If nobody has tested this possibility, maybe I can give a try !

Thanks again for this great software.


Looking at the size of databasis, putting them in roaming profile isn’t that a great idea.

I tried importing a backup task successfully achieved on another computer on my network. After adapting the source file path and constructing the database, the original backup is fully recognized. So I don’t need to play with roaming profiles…

I’ve wondered myself how viable Duplicati would be with roaming profiles but never had the need to actual test it out - thanks for sharing know what happened for you!

Thanks for your answer ! But I think mine wasn’t clear… I was asking myself about roaming profiles. But the answer went even by itself without testing : the size of databases is far too big (about 4 GB in my case), so I didn’t even test it…

The Duplicati database is stored in your user profile, but not the Roaming section. The Local section doesn’t roam.

You can set the DB storage spot, but in my opinion the roaming model seems too likely to wind up with more than one computer using a given destination, and also to have the database and destination get out of sync. Either of those can cause extreme problems. Migrating Duplicati to a different PC should be done carefully… Even without such issues, the path-based backup going from PC to PC could “see” a whole lot of “changes”.

I don’t get the desire to put the Duplicati database in the Roaming area. Duplicati by nature is a machine-specific piece of software. You configure it to back up stuff on one particular computer. The only parts of a profile that should Roam are settings that are user-specific.

I don’t know that there is a desire to do it so much as it just might happen. I’d have to check but in pretty sure on at least one of my Windows machines the Duplicati folder ended up in Roaming instead of Local.

However, since I don’t use Roaming on my network it wasn’t an issue for me, but it did get me wondering what would happen. Just not enough to do @Jean-Christophe_Kehr did and post about it. :slight_smile: