Reverting back to Beta from Canary

Is this possible?

I’ve uninstalled canary and reinstalled Beta, but the tray executable doesn’t start.

Yes, that should work fine. Maybe you have an “Updates” folder in %APPDATA%Duplicati\Updates which has a version you don’t want. Simply remove that folder and it should work with a re-installed Beta version.

No, that folder is empty.

If you run the TrayIcon.exe from the commandline, do you see any error messages?

I’ve updated from the 1st cannery after the beta to the latest canary using the built in updater and it won’t start. command line shows nothing at all.

I think this is the same as:

When changing the channel from Canary to Beta and updating to the latest beta I get an error on Linux. “Service duplicati status” is giving an error that the database version is 5 but the highest supported verion is 4.
Is there a workaround for this?