Retention scheme


What should be retention scheme to have 2 copies during the day for 2 weeks or 3-4 weeks if there is space? Anything older gets deleted?

I don’t need to save monthly or yearly backups since most of the time its “I deleted yesterday”.

Hello and welcome!

A custom retention policy for your needs could be as simple as:


This means for four weeks keep only one backup per 12 hour interval (so 2 per day). But how often do you run backups? That may affect my suggestion.

Note that with the above your maximum restore horizon is only 4 weeks. If someone deletes/overwrites/damages a file and it isn’t noticed within 4 weeks, you cannot restore a good copy.

Depending on your data change rate, you may find that you can keep backups for MUCH longer than 4 weeks. Duplicati uses deduplication and only stores changed blocks, so it can often store backups for years pretty efficiently. For example, on my main PC one of my backup jobs protects about 50GB of data on my disk. I have 287 backup versions that go back 5 years yet it only uses 115GB of storage on the back end.