Retention Policy messages

Just today I started noticing these in the emails I get when the backup jobs complete. I never saw these before, in spite of having --retention-policy set for a couple months now.

I did not change anything about the backup job config (that I am aware of). Why is this showing up suddenly? And I don’t see it on my other computers that have the same retention policy. (All are running right now)

Messages: [
    [Retention Policy]: Start checking if backups can be removed,
    [Retention Policy]: Time frames and intervals pairs: 7.00:00:00 / Keep all, 90.00:00:00 / 1.00:00:00, 365.00:00:00 / 7.00:00:00, 36159.00:00:00 / 31.00:00:00,
    [Retention Policy]: Backups to consider: ....

I restarted the Duplicati process and it seems to have gone away. Weird.

I thought the retention policy messages didn’t start until the canary updates new logging system. I wonder if they really “went away” or were just not being logged because no retention rules kicked in for that run… :thinking: