Restoring original date and time for files?

I just installed duplicati and did a restore from a backup.
All restored files have the date and time of the restore. Is there any special configuration to preserve original date and time for restored files?

Thanks a lot for helping.

No, restoring file attributes and dates is the default.

You must be doing something special.
Maybe export the job as json and attach it here ?

Thanks for your quick reply.
I used a docker version of duplicati backing up a smb share which was mounted on the linux-host of docker. Restore was done via mount.

I’ll now check with duplicati on a windows client if restore is done keeping original date and time.

Duplicati is not a one server - several clients system. If you have ‘a windows client’, you risk consequences on your backend if you are not careful. Only one system should write to the backend.

Don’t worry. I think I understand completely how Duplicati works.
I used another destination for backup/restore with my windows client.
And I think I now, what the “problem” was, when starting the restore every file/directory has the actual date/time until the restore is finished. After completely finishing the restore every file had the original date/time. I was impatient on my first try with the restore.

Everything fine with Duplicati, my fault.

Duplicati is just awesome and in my christmas holiday I’ll configure some backups with it.

Thanks a lot for helping and have a merry christmas!