Restoring older versions of files

So I’ll preface this with I’m extremely new to Duplicati and this stuff. I recently set up a NAS with OMV and am using Duplicati to backup files to Backblaze B2.

I want to make sure I understand exactly what’s happening with my backups and how to restore them etc before I go uploading hundreds of GBs to backblaze. So I started with my Documents folder. I wanted to test the restore and it works great. However my understanding is Duplicati saves older versions of files. So I wanted to test that. I took a word doc and just made a change and ran the backup again. It appeared to work and just uploaded that file. However I can’t figure out how to restore older versions, every time I do a restore it only restores the latest version. I’ve tried setting all-versions on, tried having it save different versions with timestamp in the file name, etc. I can’t figure it out and I’m not sure if something is wrong or I’m not understanding something here. I’ve set the backup retention to delete backups older than 1 month. Duplicati does show “5 Versions” next to the amount backed up.

If someone can please explain what I’m doing wrong, that would be great!

In the Web GUI you change the “Restore from” dropdown. By default it has the latest version selected, but you’ll be able to choose from any version there:

Thank you so much! I knew it must be something stupid I was missing. Works perfectly now

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Glad we could help. Welcome to the forum!