Restoring large backup seems to be stuck

Good day all,

I have successfully used Duplicati in the past to backup/restore small files/folders.
The last couple of weeks I was migrating from QNAP NAS to Unraid - This forced me to backup very large amounts of Data on a single 18TB drive, built Unraid Array and now I am trying to restore from my backup.

I had copied over the Database to save time in rebuilding that (10GB in Size).

Now my Restore is stuck on Building list of files to restore and by stuck it has not moved for over 12 hours.
The Verbose Log has not changed at all.

Is it that my Backup is just VERY large and I need to wait?
Is there anyway of seeing some kind of activity?



Some more info from Profiling Log:

How did you initiate the restore? Did you do a “direct restore from backup files”? If so, that will force Duplicati to generate a new temporary local database. You can’t use an existing database when you choose that option.

And to clarify what you’re doing… you ran Duplicati directly on your QNAP to do a backup, and now you want to do a restore using a separate Duplicati install that is on your Unraid?

I restored the config and changed the DB name to be the same as the one from the the other Duplicati.
I selected the backup and then chose restore files.

Yes 2 different installations of Duplicati.

It finally managed to start restoring files this morning… 36 hours after initiating the restore…

Worst of all, I have another backup that is 4 times the size.

I guess just give it time and it should work

What is the size of data you backed up? I see a reference to 18TB in your original post, but that sounded like it might be the capacity of your storage device.

For very large backups, the default deduplication block size (100KB) is too small and will affect performance. Rule of thumb some of us use on the forum is to take your total estimated backup size and divide by a million to get the dedupe block size. So if you want to do a backup of 2TB of data for example, you might want to use a dedupe block size of 2MB.

The one is 3TB and the other is 10TB

I had not changed the block size… obviously too late to do that now that I only have the Backed Up files left?

Oh, you already deleted the original source files? If so then yeah it’s too late to change the dedupe block size.

Is this the setting? Seems like it is set to 50mb for my large 10TB backup

No, that’s the “remote volume size” – the max size of the dblock files. Look for the advanced option called “blocksize.”

More detail here: Choosing Sizes in Duplicati - Duplicati 2 User's Manual