Restoring files takes ages

Dear all,

I have 5 back-up versions of my drives. Now, I like to restore one of my drives (approx. 660 Gb), but after 2 days DUPLICATI shows still “temporary database will be created” (I have german language pack, so the translation is free).
Task Manager shows me still activity of DUPLICATI.

Is this normal or got somthing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your support.



Anyone any idea? Nobody?

Welcome to the forum @Peakground

Are you doing a Direct restore from backup files because you lost the drive that had Duplicati on it?

v2.0.4.18- has a fix that’s not in a beta yet (what release are you on?).

Ignoring empty remote files on restore, which speeds up recovery, thanks @Pectojin

If your progress bar is in the last 30% (and especially the last 10%), you might be hitting this old bug.

If so, and if you have nothing left of the previous drive (is that the case?) then latest Canary might do Restore more quickly. Canary is generally very latest and hasn’t had much testing, so could surprise.

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Dear ts678,

your support was great and has worked out!

Thank you very much. You saved my day!

Best regards.


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I’m glad it worked. If you’re nervous about staying on Canary, you can change to Beta in Settings. Hopefully next Beta will be out soon (typically with an Experimental channel release as pre-Beta).