Restoring data when server fails

Hello, i would like to know how restore data if the server where duplicati is installed fails.

I can restore with the server is working and some file is deleted, but, what if there is no server?


You install Duplicati, restore the job configuration exported as .json (that you backed up with all the passwords on a secure media different from the backend of course), then proceed with a restore. I am partial to disabling all scheduling before saving the imported job, because you never know what could happen with your precious backup :slight_smile:

If you want to be really conservative, you can (if possible) change the backend setup to be readonly for the time it takes to restore and verify that all is well, or even copy the backend locally to restore from there (that possibly could even not be a waste of time if the download is done with native tools that are more efficient than Duplicati).

If the backend is bad, there is always the possibility of disaster recovery. Check the nice manual.

Depends on what you want. Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost uses another computer.
If the server is repairable, the plan may depend on fixes required, e.g. system board, some drive, etc.
If you don’t lose the drive with home directory/user profile info, Duplicati might still have configuration.
If you do lose it, then you might like to import saved configuration export and recreate local database.
This sets up for a normal Restore and continuation. If you want a one-time restore, use direct restore.

ok, thanks. I’m gonna make test with these options.