Restoring Backup Configuration After Drive Format


I’ve been using Duplicati for some time now, it’s been keeping a 2TB drive backed up to B2 Backblaze for me since last year.

The issue I am having is that I recently formatted my machine and forgot to export/save Duplicati’ settings.

I have reinstalled Duplicati. I’ve used the “Restore” option just to check I could get access to Backblaze again and everything is listed, it show’s my last backup as of a few days ago.

My question is - How can I set Duplicati again to pick up where it left off? It was set to run at 4am every morning, scanned the drive it was backing up and naturally only actioning files that were new or modified, encrypting those and sending them over to Backblaze.

Naturally I don’t want to have to start again from scratch as it took a week+ to do the initial backup.

Any help would be much appreciated.

It’s just a matter of configuring your new backup configuration against the same location and recreating the database.

Recreation may take a bit of time but once it’s done you can continue backing up where you left off with no re-uploading.

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Thanks for the response @Pectojin

So, just to confirm, if I create a new backup with the same settings as before, I’d point it at the same local directory and then in the same bucket and folder on B2 for remote - Will Duplicati work out what is already there and not overwrite? Just didn’t want it reuploading every file and folder again.

Yeah it will see existing files and ask you to recreate the database :slight_smile: