Restored photographs are smaller

I did a test restore of JPG files, and they all are about 10% smaller.

I have a large directory of photos (mostly jpg, about 100G), which I had Duplicati back up to an external drive. This completed with no errors or warnings.

I then renamed my original source directory, and restored from the backup to the original directory name.

I then did a diff between the original directory and the restored one, and found that every file on the restored version was about 10% smaller. The file format is fine, and the images appear good to the eye.

Disregard this!

I had started up Beyond Compare on the two folders while the restore was in progress, and it was reading the restored files before they were completely written, hence the size difference.

All is well.

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Glad you figured it out - thanks for following up on your original post!

Welcome to the forum, by the way!