Restore vs. Listing dates & times

When I use the UI to do a restore I get a nice list of time/date stamped versions from which to choose.

Certain command line, um, commands (such as compare) also provide a list of time/date stamped versions.

The versions all seem to be fine but the date/time stamps don’t seem to match for some reason - they don’t even seem to be off by timezone type gaps:

The GUI based times/dates are what I would expect them to be, so from where are the command line ones coming?

All the dates are stored in UTC, and then converted to the user time when displaying. I guess there is some issue with the commandline not converting them for display:

D’oh, I didn’t realized the GUI and command line list the versions in different order so thought the times didn’t even line up on the minute (otherwise I likely would have figured UTC).

D’oh! I did not even notice that they were sorted inversely myself!