Restore to new computer not working

I am using version to restore files from a backup created on another machine with an older version. The backup files are out on google drive from end of August. They are large files. I’m trying to restore a folder and subfolders with hundreds if not a few thousand photos. I’m performing a direct restore from backup files. I connect to google drive just fine. I’m presented with the backup files just fine. I check off the top level folder that I want. Pick the new location to restore to and kick it off. The job runs for hours. I’m willing to wait, they are large files. The job finished over night with 538 errors. No files were restored just the folder structure. How do I find out what is going on? How do I restore my files or at least most of my files???


Were you able to view what the errors were? For direct restore, I think you can see them, but not later.

Was it the same operating system? I think cross-platform restore (but not backup) is supposed to work.

For a small numbers of errors, live log at About --> Show log --> Live --> Error is easy, however it gets unwieldy fast if you have a whole lot of errors. You could also do a smaller restore (maybe less errors).

For a full capture, unattended, you can add a –log-file=<pick-a-path> to collect all warnings and errors, typing the option in the Advanced options box on screen 2 of direct restore then continuing as usual.

Are you planning to use Duplicati for backup on the restore system, or is the system only for a restore? Newer Canary versions are faster at database creation. Does yours get slow, e.g. at 70%-100% done?

I don’t think your job is completed successfully. It was it shouldn’t have shown 538 errors.
Please share the error log if possible.