Restore through a website


So I have a few clients who are wanting cloud backup from myself,

I am planning to use a customized version of the client software (and it works great).

However I am having one problem and can’t seem to find an answer, how can I allow the client to see and restore their files through a website.

I want to set it up so that once they log into their account there is a restore functionality so it shows all their files and version history and they can select their files and download them.

(the only way I can see it working is by embedding that restore functionality from the client into the website)

tried to load website but it seems to have been down for a while.

Any help is appreciated.

Many Thanks

Restoring from a central webpage is an interesting use case that I’m afraid isn’t very easy to implement currently.

If you run a Duplicati server at the central site you would need to sync configurations and repair the database whenever new backups are added. And the Duplicati server would be restoring to it’s local disk (on the central server website).

It’s possible to build something around the commandline to handle these things, but we’re talking a brand new application at that point.

What’s the primary purpose of having it on a central site? Perhaps the problem can be solved in a different way?

Is it a question of usability? E.g. not having to go to “localhost”?

Richard, I concur with Pectojin. What you’re asking for is a special use case, which seems outside the current development direction of the program.
What you can do is design your central system, and use some kind of a wrapper to control the server-side CLI client. I didn’t give it enough thought, but it seems doable with some programming and process separation…