Restore screen from B2 doesn't list multiple file versions

I am revisiting Duplicati after a hiatus of several years when there was a windows client. I like how far it’s come. I am testing out multiple file version backups but when i go to restore a particular version, the restore screen doesn’t list them. i added a couple advanced parameters but it didn’t help.

What backup retention policy are you using?

Keep all backups and all-versions

Probably a given, but I’ve forgotten it before: Are you sure there are changes in the source data between backups?

I don’t remember if Duplicati counts it as a new version if no files have changed.

i created a simple text file and changed it each time before the backup. Still no multiple file selection when i try to restore. Only restores the last version. Works fine with Cloudberry. This should work and it is a very basic function of any good backup tool. Am I the only one who noticed this?

Are you sure you are looking at the right place? When doing a restore, you are first asked to select the date of the backup. Afterwards, you select the files to restore.

Possibly this feature request is similar (or identical) to Show file-specific backup history when restoring which asks for the ability to browse versions of specific files within the backup version of all files from a given date?

Show all versions of a file in the recovery tree [$175] #72 asks the question of use cases and costs/benefits.

@Wim_Jansen correctly describes how it should be working now, and I hope it’s doing at least that much…

Thanks for the pointers. My bad, i didn’t see the drop down list. i was expecting each file to be listed with checkboxes like other backup programs show when restoring. it works now that i know how.