Restore missing files from future backup

Here is what happened. I created a VM from a bare metal machine. I turned the machine off. I ran the VM for a couple of weeks with a few backups. The server with the VM crashed, and the VM is gone. I turned on the bare metal machine again and went into Duplicati to restore the differences. The only option I get is the last backup the bare metal machine made.

Is there a way to get those differences back?

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Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost might do, if it’s just one time or to look around.

If you’re trying to put the bare metal machine back into full service, there’s a better way for that, involving recreating its database, which has become stale if the VM used the same destination, however details might vary depending on what you did. Was the VM just continuing without any other changes in Duplicati? If so, it probably updated the destination, so you either go directly to destination using Direct restore from backups files, or get the local database synced up.

Thank you. I have chosen to recreate the local database. And yes, The VM was just continuing without any other changes to Duplicati.
Thanks again.

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