Restore from temporary files


Would it be possible to restore files from the backup files in the local temporary folder (before they where uploaded to the real destination)?

The last backup is prepared in the local temporary to be sended to the backup server, but never got uploaded.
Now I would like to restore one of the files in the local temporary folder.

Any advice or help is appreciated

If a file in the temporary folder was not completely uploaded it is probably be useless unless it’s a dlist file.

The dlist is the last file to be uploaded, as the backup is completing, because that’s when Duplicati knows how every file (and file chunk) of that backup will look. It describes what files are in this restore point and how to put the chunks together.

Sadly without this list those chunks are essentially just unnamed pieces that can be very difficult to piece together.

On repeated backups many files may be in previous file lists, but again any new files or changes would be “undocumented” without the new file list.

On a purely practical level, if it’s small files - or large chunk sizes - it is possible to look at the content of these chunks manually and put it together. For example You could easily recover the content of small text files that each fits within one or a couple of 50MB chunks, but you wouldn’t know the file name unless you had that info elsewhere. And of course this gets very tricky if it’s very large files or too many files for a human to deal with…

Hi @Giancarlo, welcome to the forum!

Is there a reason you don’t want to (or can’t) restore from the backup server destination?

It seems to me doing a “normal” restore would not only confirm your backups are working but also make sure you know how to use them if future restores are needed.

Hello Pectojin and Jon,

Thank you both for your responce.

My backup server’s disk broke.
And I found this temp folder with the last backup job which was done before it could be uploaded to the backup server.

So a normal restore was not possible, and the last hope was to be able to use the temp folders backup files.
I did manage to get the one file I needed after all so no real harm was done.

But it all was so ironic, backup data gone, still files on local disk, and not being able to restore.

I’m glad to hear you were able to get your important file back!

In theory if you had as little as a single dblock file sitting in you temp folder Duplicati could use it (or them, if multiple files) to restore as much as possible, but the likelihood of local temp files from just the most recent backup containing all the blocks needed to fully restore a file is pretty low.