Restore from Azure BLOB hangs intermittently


I’m trying to restore a backup of approx 4TB across 770k files from Azure BLOB storage. After seeing the web GUI hanging, I decided to try with the command line client. And when that showed the same problem, I rebuild Release/ and after processing 152k files, the app hang. I’m no expert in asynchroneous programming, but the most suspicious threads are at the following positions:

Main: BackEndManager.cs(164) : Duplicati.Library.Main.BackendManager.FileEntryItem.WaitForComplete()
Backend Async Worker: AzureBlobWrapper.cs(92) : Duplicati.Library.Backend.AzureBloc.AzureBlobWrapper.GetFileStream( )

I’d be happy to help out, if someone can offer some guidance on what to look for.


As this continued to be unreliable I downloaded the files using Azure Storage Explorer, rebuild the database using the CLI and restored from there.

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Hi, what storage tier were your blobs? Hot, cool, or archive?