Restore file permissions question

I’ve been looking through the advanced settings. Couldn’t find much description of them in the wiki and such, so that has left me with some questions.

Not sure why “restore file permissions” would default to “No”. If I restore a file wouldn’t I want it to have the same permissions as the original?

I believe those file permissions could include access / ownership rights. That means if you restore the files onto a machine other than from where they came originally then they might have access restricted to users and that don’t exist on the new machine.

Usually there’s a way to take ownership of such orphaned files, but it’s an extra step that not all users will know how (or haves access) to do.

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What permissions does Duplicati use in this case (default)?

Yes. It uses whatever the OS defaults to (normally that is the current user/group).

So if they were installed to another machine using the same user wouldn’t that work? No permissions issues?

Not sure what would be necessary on the other machine for the users to match?

If both computers use a shared method for authentication (i.e. both joined to the same Active Directory domain): yes, restoring permissions will work.
If both computers have a local user account with the same name: probably not. Although both users have the same name, different Security Identifiers (SIDs) are used to populate the Access Control List.

They’re Macs so would both be using the same iCloud account. I’m not completely sure but think this would include a synced AD.

I’m not sure how iCloud relates to the local file system.

From what I can see, the iCloud user is not used to set the local user. The local users appear to have a UID/GID from 501 (and up if there are multiple users).