Restore fails, DLIST files missing

I have a problem restoring files. I don´t know how but in the target location the dlist files are lost after DB repair. I need some files from this backup to restore so I did the following:

  1. Download all the files to a local storage (USB-HDD)
  2. Checked the files in the folder if dlist, dindex and dblock files are existing. dlist files are missing!
  3. I decrypted all the files
  4. I (re)index all the files -> index.txt was created
  5. I repair the backup and got the message

Result of repair is:
" Listing remote folder …
No filelists found on the remote destination"

Environment is Windows10Pro. I suggest cause of the problem is the missing dlist files. Is it possible to recreate them and if yes, how?

Running a test with backup a testfolder and delete the profile works fine.

Any suggestions?

Thank you, Georg

Hello @gkeller and welcome to the forum!

This sounded like repair lost them, but after seeing the steps perhaps the issue is that it didn’t rebuild them? They were missing by step 2. Were you able to get reliable views of destination files, and also not see them? Unless somehow they were never there, such thorough version deletes are prevented by –allow-full-removal. Normal backups also check destination files a lot, unless prevented by –no-backend-verification. This is odd.

Steps 3 and 4 (and maybe 1) sound like Recovering by using the Duplicati Recovery tool specialized tool but then step 5 sounds like a normal repair. Was that using the original destination or changed for the local files? Restoring files from a backup doesn’t need such a manual series of steps. Any reason why you chose them?

I thought you had a very broken backup. Was this another one you set up similarly? What does profile mean?

I did a DB repair because the Backup exited with an error I don´t know the exact message … but a DB repair was proposed. Next I tried to initiate a restore by the gui and direct restore from files (Direkte Wiederherstellung von Sicherungsdateien - In german, 1st point in restore menue). This was not possibel, and a DB repair was needed.

I started a DB repair from Web Interface but nothing happens and the process hang, stopped. That was the point I decided to download all the files from the Backup to a local device and tried all again to reduce WAN speed. Same result.

Now I started to try it with the command Line tool. (In the meantime I tried a new test backup and a restore - this worked well and as planned)

I suggest that the dlist files gone lost during the first try to repair DB.

I have not used the 2 options --allow-full-removal and --no-backup-verification so far. I did all the steps on the backup and on the local storage location, with the same results.

I choosed this way, because the regular way of restore don´t work and exited everytime with errors.