Restore doesn't restore any files

I’m just trying out Duplicati on Windows 10.
I configured a backup of a directory on the machine containing a few files and backed that up to remote storage via ftp. Then from the GUI I tried to restore those files to another directory and got the following warning:

2021-05-25 11:55:57 +12 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-NoFilesRestored]: Restore completed without errors but no files were restored

What have I done wrong?

Hello and welcome!

Are you positive you tried to redirect the restore to an alternate folder? This warning is “normal” if you try to restore files that already exist.

Hi, Thanks for the response.

I was trying to use:

Restore > Direct restore from backup files (Point to your backup files and restore from there)

but I now see the backup listed by name and if I select that the restore to a different folder works.

“Direct restore form backup files” is intended for doing a one-off restore from a different computer from where you do the backups. If you are restoring from the computer that has the backup job set up, then yeah you find the right solution. An alternative is to click on the backup job name on the main UI and click the blue “Restore files” link.

That being said, the “Direct restore from backup files” should have worked, albeit slower than doing a normal restore.

Thanks for that, good to know. The reason I initially chose “direct restore” is that my named backups did not appear in the list. When I deleted that initial test and tried again the named backups appeared and I was able to restore from them.