Restore does not work

I’m using Duplicati (Windows 10 Pro) with GPG on WebDav remote with following additional settings, everything from WebGUI.

When I click Restore, it fails with following errors:

2020-05-14 XX:XX:XX +XX - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Compression.FileArchiveZip-BrokenCentralHeaderFallback]: Zip archive appears to have a broken Central Record Header, switching to stream mode

2020-05-14 XX:XX:XX +XX - [Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-PatchingFailed]: Failed to patch with remote file: "", message:

2020-05-14 XX:XX:XX +02 - [Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-RestoreFileFailed]: The File "D:\TEST\TEST.txt" could not be found.

However, if I use Advanced > Commandline (from WebGUI) : restore > edit as text > Run “restore” command now … It works.

Advanced options:
–gpg-encryption-switches=–cipher-algo AES256
–gpg-decryption-switches=–cipher-algo AES256

What happens on Commandline if you give a bad passphrase? I don’t run gpg, and don’t know whether that produces a decryption error, or an output file which is basically random data with a .zip extension.

One common problem in the GUI lately has been browsers and password savers autofilling bad spots…

Output from WebGUI Advanced > CommandLine

with correct password: working. File appears in “TEST” folder.

Restore started at 14.05.2020 XX:XX:XX

Checking remote backup ...

Listing remote folder ...

Checking existing target files ...

Downloading file (656 Bytes) ...

1 files need to be restored (2 Bytes)

Failed to apply metadata to file: "D:\TEST\", message: The process cannot be changed to the D: \ TEST file because it is used by another process. => The process cannot be changed to the "D: \ TEST" file because it is used by another process.

0 files need to be restored (0 Bytes)

Verifying restored files ...

Restored 1 (2 Bytes) files to original path

Duration of restore: 00:00:02


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Return code: 2

with incorrect password: not working. no file appears in “TEST” folder.

Restore started at 14.05.2020 XX:XX:XX

ErrorID: PassphraseChangeNotSupported

You have attempted to change a passphrase to an existing backup, which is not supported. Please configure a new clean backup if you want to change the passphrase.

Return code: 100

Well, I guess that idea got blocked. So do you ever have anything save passwords? I’d like to rule out:

I can’t restore from GUI with

and there are several others. In one GitHub issue, a Firefox private browsing window solved the issue, however the better long-term solution would probably be to not let any software autofill within Duplicati.

If that isn’t it, I have no other immediate theory on why your GUI Commandline works, but GUI doesn’t.

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Chrome browser saved the password and that caused the issue! OMG.

To fix it, just delete all saved passwords from Chrome browser for Duplicati WebGUI.(http://localhost:8200/)

I also disabled uBlockOrigin for the page, just in case.

Thank You for the hint, @ts678 ! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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