Restore Backup onto another computer

Hi all,

New to Duplicati here. I had some trouble figuring out how to access Duplicati on another computer to access my backups.

Thus, I exporters the backup on a usb drive. Now when trying to restore said files on new computer via usb, I am told no file sets on remote target.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you mean you copied all the backup data (dlist, dblock, dindex files) to a USB drive, or do you mean you exported the backup job configuration (single small json file)?


Thank you for having me. Apologies, what I am refering to is the single JSON file.

Are you still backing up the data with the original computer? If so it is important that this new computer NOT do any backups - you don’t want two computers trying to write backup data at the same time. So make sure the schedule for the backup job is disabled

Before you restore, you’ll need to recreate the local database. This can be done by scanning the backup files (dblock, dlist, dindex). Where is the backup data stored? Can you check the Destination section of the backup job to make sure the path/location is valid from the new computer’s point of view? Try “test connection” on that screen and make sure it’s successful.

Once it looks good, click on your backup job, then click “Database …”, and then click “Repair”. This will recreate the local database.

ALTERNATIVELY - if you have access to the old computer you can copy the job database over to avoid the possibly lengthy recreation process.

Once the database is back you should be able to restore like normal.


I think I will need a little more assistance - exact interface directions :slight_smile:
In the meantime I will continue and see how far I get.

Hello at all
I have a similar problem or similar question…

In my desktop (as a server) I have many backup to my cloud…

I have changed the OS of this server because OS bugged …
Before I have save each backup into a JSON file…

I have reinstall new OS and the name of the machine, the names and the folder are in the same location

After the reinstall of duplicati : Is this procedure can be done for to reinstall all the backup at the day I have stop the machine with old OS and so continue the backup without not re-download all the files into clouds ???
many thanks

Meaning Exporting a backup job configuration which exports the configuration not the backup data?

What OS is this, was non-OS data kept or back in place, and what names and folder do you mean?

I don’t follow this part well. To get Duplicati’s configuration back, you use the config export you made.
Unless you have the old database (typically in user profile or home directory, but not if it’s a service),
you need one to get back to doing backups. On Database screen, use Recreate. If you can’t, Repair.

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost is another way to restore, but kind of pointless if the intention is to Restore things to original locations, then begin backups again to pick up new changes.

Restores from the cloud will, of course, need downloading, but next backup should do little uploading.