Restore backup of Google Drive from another PC

Hi, I have a question to ask, I wanted to restore files from my Google Drive account from another PC which I did not create a separate folder (I did not use path), the connection test shows that it is ok, but in the final part when the files should appear there an error appears. What am I doing wrong?

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first of all, you should not assume that Duplicati is a multiclient / one backend system. If you connect 2 clients to the same backend, expect problems down the line.
The only exception is if the first client (the original system) is dead and you need to do a restore, that’s a normal operation of course.

Ideally if what you want is to do a test, you should disable the backups on your original system, set the backend read-only, then on the test client, install a fresh Duplicati, recreate the job with an exported configuration from the first client, recreate the database and do a restore (partial or full, as you want).

If what you want is to do a restore after a crash, it’s obviously not necessary to disable the backups on the original since it’s terminated, but it may be prudent to set your backend read-only, or to copy the whole backup locally and do the restore from there; it would be probably faster and also more secure since you are not risking your original data in case of a bad problem (config error, operator error…)

In the case of your error message, it is suggesting that you have copied some database from another source (some manual backup ?). However it seems that this database is damaged or invalid. You are taking risks with your backend, big ones if you have lost your original data.

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So say backup is from PC A and you’re at PC B trying to restore? Is PC B a new Duplicati install?
The LogData is the kind of error you’d get if you tried to run Show log without having a database.

Are you just trying to do a one-time “convenience” restore? As noted, you can’t backup from both.

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost

If you want to restore your files without being able to use your Duplicati installation (for example on another computer, or after a system crash), you have to restore your files directly from the backup destination.

Is above your case?

Are you talking about the original backup on PC A? That would be kind of an odd way to store files, however whatever you used for the backup, use the same folder for the restore or it won’t find files.

The term fileset refers to a backup dlist file such as
I suppose you could look in Google Drive to see if you have any, or maybe kept them in a subfolder.
Google Drive also has some default security rules where Duplicati can only read files that it created.