Restore Backblaze B2 files via Cloudflare proxy URL

Hi folks,

I tried searching the forums for this but couldn’t find any info.

Backblaze B2 has a significant download cost when restoring files. However, if you restore via a Cloudflare proxy, it’s free.

I would like to understand if Duplicati has a way of specifying the Cloudflare proxy URL when restoring.

Thank you.

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Update: I found an Advanced Option called b2-download-url. Marking this as solved.

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Interesting, I didn’t know that about Cloudflare and B2. Thank you for finding and sharing the solution.

Welcome to the forum, by the way!

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Ohh, that would solve my issue (too expensive) with verifying backups from B2 :slight_smile:

I don’t use Cloudflare, but if you do, read the specific Subscription Agreement that you think you agree to.
There’s a “Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content” clause appearing in at least one posted agreement.
Although future Cloudflare R2 will need new terms, I thought the B2 plan uses a content delivery network.
For those seeking to avoid egress fees, I found some discussion on the limits and catches of “free” here.

You make some great points. I think the way Cloudflare/Backblaze have structured the language is a bit confusing.

From this link, it says:

Backblaze will offer free data transfer to all shared customers.

I would assume it’s implied that folks aren’t using Backblaze to serve only HTML content :man_shrugging:

Really excited about the R2 integration though!

On a side note, may I ask what solution you’re personally using for backups?

If you mean storage solution, I’ve been on several. Currently on Backblaze B2, but seeking to limit costs, which do get into egress fees, but don’t get into minimum purchase amount, or minimum retention days.

I’m a home user in the United States. Businesses might prefer more expensive Geo-redundant solutions. Basically, different solutions suit different situations. My needs are not great, and I have multiple backups.

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