Restore attempt - Can't get past Select Files -> Waiting for task to begin

I recently suffered a failure on my home server that led me to having to completely restore it losing all my local data storage. Not to worry I thought - everything is backed up to AWS using Duplicati, and I regularly (ok - occasionally!) tested the Restore functionality so I was confident that all was not lost.

I’ve rebuilt my server (Ubuntu 20.04), reinstalled Duplicati, loaded up my backup configuration file, tested the connection … so far so good … but when I get the the Select files stage (step 3 of 4) everything stops at “Waiting for task to begin”

Not sure if I’m making a basic mistake here - do I just need to be more patient and wait longer? What is it waiting for? Or has the restore process hanged completely?

Please help!



Issue was user error related to the encryption passphrase.