Restore after losing original duplicati container?

I can’t seem to get a straight answer about this, but lets say my entire server rack explodes and all of those servers are lost, including the one that ran Duplicati. If I spin up a new server and install Duplicati, will I still be able to recover my cloud backups (assuming I still have my decryption password)? Everywhere I see mentions something about the database, but I can’t get a straight yes or no.

Hi stautonico, welcome to the forum!

The easiest thing is if you have an export of your config that you can import into the new Duplicati instance. At that point, assuming your destination is good, rebuilding the database would work, and everything would be happy.

If you don’t have an export of the config, if you can create your config again (source, destination, pass phrase, remote volume size, blocksize being the important ones) I think you’ll be ok. It won’t hurt to try as long as you don’t try to initiate anything that touches your destination (like a backup). Rebuilding the database should be safe to try, just be careful of anything that sounds like it’s trying to make your destination look like the database (which you obviously don’t have).

Full disclosure - I’ve never attempted this myself. I’m sure others will be along, here, soon that DO have experience and can confirm or deny my suggestions!


Thanks for the response. I’m going to try to spin up a duplicati container on another machine, and try to restore from my cloud backup. (Idk why I didn’t think to try this from the beginning lol)

So, I couldn’t get it to restore without having the original config file, but I didn’t try that hard. However, with the config exported from my original duplicati instance, it restored my “lost” files perfectly fine. I’ll just export and encrypt my config file, store it in the cloud, and hope I’ll never need it.