Restore a file from the 1 file backed up

Newbe. Just setup a backup to B2. it is showing that it is backing up to 1 file. There are hundreds of files. Does this mean that I can not backup a file or set of files in the backup?

Sorry mis typed. I meant restore 1 file from out of the many files that are being backed up to the 1 file

Hi @rcaley and welcome to the forum!

You can restore files individually, by folders, or pretty much any way you like. Click Restore then check boxes.

The rest you don’t need to know (it’s automatic, although sometimes issues arise), but here’s what’s going on.

If you’re looking at B2 (or any other destination) directly, the files you’ll see won’t be immediately recognizable regarding what they hold. Duplicati stores a backup as a list of files (.dlist file) that refers to the file data itself (.dblock files) using .dindex files to help. For lots of small files, you might get one dblock, one dindex, and one dlist. For a large file, multiple dblock files might be used because there’s a size limit of about 50 MB by default.

One reason for indirect storage is deduplication, so that only new data in the next backup takes dblock space.

Block-based storage engine