Reporting on how much data has been uploaded to a cloud storage provider

We’re using Duplicati to upload to Backblaze B2 over a metered connection. I’ve gotten reports from our ISP of significant traffic (more than expected), and we’re wondering if the backup might be the cause.

Is there any way to report on data sent (either by day/week/month or per backup)?

Unfortunately Backblaze’s reporting is less than helpful.

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Yes, you can see how much data was uploaded in each job. Click on your backup job on the main UI and then click “Show log”. You’ll see a list of recent backup jobs. Click on one to expand it, then click on “Complete log”:

Check farther down for the “BytesUploaded” stat:


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Sysinternals Process Explorer just gave me about the same answer as Duplicati’s statistic for a backup, however it looks like it can do cumulative and can also show all processes (assuming they stay around), which might help figure out who’s the big user on the Network send bytes column. If you run things as Administrator, you probably need to run Process Explorer the same way so that it can watch their action.