Report HTTP message for restore

Hi Folks,
Im doing logs .txt with send-http-message and send-http-url, so, I receive the http message, work on it and generate a log. While I tryes, with normal backup works perfectly, but when I try to restore a data, don’t arrive http message to generate an log, should I use another feature?
Thank you,
Lucas Aleixo.

Hello @lucas.aleixo and welcome to the forum!

–send-mail-any-operation should expand your reporting to operations beyond only the backup operation.

Thanks @ts678 in my search I found “-send-any-operation”, this will send all things I want.

I don’t see a --send-any-operation in the code, but the one I should have said was –send-http-any-operation but I misstated with the mail version (works for my mail, but not appropriate for your case which uses http).

Whatever the version, sounds like you found it and verified that it’s doing what you want, so that’s good. :smiley: