Report - File Names

Hi, I’m new to Duplicati and I’m really enjoying it. I have my technical limits, but I’ve managed as best I can.
I would like to know if there is any way to generate a report containing the names (and paths) of the files that were changed (copied, deleted, updated) with each Backup, and if possible send it by email in the report itself at the end of each Backup .
Thank you very much.

Hi elmernet,

You’ll need to add a few advanced options to your backup jobs. Note: Add these options in step 5 after saving the job once, see this thread for details if your options don’t stick.

First option you need is the --log-file option, then provide it with a filename. You can specify the full path (prolly should) but if you only specify a filename like “backuplog.txt” that file will be created in Duplicati’s running folder, by default in Windows this is “C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2”.

Second option you need is the --log-file-log-level option and set it to Verbose. Other log levels may be a better fit but Verbose will show file details.

Notes: The --log-level option is depreciated so use --log-file-log-level. The -log-retention option is for internal logs held in the database, NOT file based logs. File logs are appended to or recreated if missing.

I’m glad you didn’t ask for any easy way. :wink: The first part can be The COMPARE command although rationale behind what was seen as changed will need the mentioned log file. Sending compare output doesn’t seem very easy. Redirecting to stderr might get it sent, but it will also pop up a warning in GUI.
P.S. I couldn’t get it sent this way. The email seems to be sent before the stderr and popup get done…

Backup log file that looks like compare –full-results talked about external mail sends. What OS is this? Windows is probably less likely to come with a generic mail sending program compared to, say, Linux.

Can I send mail to myself with detailed backup result (for example, as “compare”)? was another effort.

Send-mail: posibility to include added, modified and deleted files and they different size backup
was a forum feature request, and links to a GitHub feature request (either way, volunteers are needed).

Email notification enhancement: include list of files changed #2750 is the GitHub request, and I notice several scripts posted there, not tried by me. The batch file one uses The SEND-MAIL command from Duplicati’s command-line version as its mail sender for a pre-formatted message including a compare.
which is also in the Duplicati installation folder covers some of the features that the script is relying on.

Advanced options including run-script-after to write and send some report may be the path to this goal.