Repair tells me to purge, purge tells me to repair

For the first time I see the path to the sqlite files are specified in the job. Never noticed that before. They are located in /root/.config/duplicati. I dont back that up because there is never anything in there and I feel those duplicati configs shouldnt be there either. No wonder I never found them. I will include /root/ in my backups from now on, do you know if theres a way to relocate those files to /etc/ or /var/?

Your subject line seems to be a different issue than your message body, but my local databases on Ubuntu are all in /usr/lib/duplicati/data/. I seem to remember in the past they were in /root/.config, but I rebuilt my server on 20.04 this past year so I wonder if reinstalling the latest version changed something?

I also have a “Move existing database” button; I wonder if you could move them that way (I’d search before doing so in case there are any potential pitfalls).


No change I’m aware of. Are you by any chance running with the –portable-mode option?

Activates portable mode where the database is placed below the program executable.

(and it’s in a folder called data)

Ordinarily it’s in ~/.config/Duplicati, so if running as root, it goes where Karsten saw it.

–server-datafolder can override this, assuming Duplicati has permissions to the folder.

Duplicati needs to store a small database with all settings. Use this option to choose where the settings are stored. This option can also be set with the environment variable DUPLICATI_HOME.

This can move individual job databases, but not the Duplicati-server.sqlite server database which holds configuration info. It’s good to Export to file and save that safely. Backing up server database works too.

Backing up a specific job database with its own job is pointless, because it just backs up an obsolete one.
There is also suspicion of a potential hang with Duplicati interfering with its own ability to use its database.

Recreate is used to rebuild a specific job database from destination data. Sometimes it has issues, but if you’re going to back up job databases, be sure to back up a given database from another job, not its own.


Seems likely. I tested this option on Debian and it does put the data folder inside /usr/lib/duplicati.

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Wow, yes I am:

DuplicatiServer /usr/lib/duplicati/Duplicati.Server.exe --webservice-interface=any --webservice-port=8200 --portable-mode

Why did I do that? (That’s somewhat rhetorical, but seriously, I’m not sure why I did that.) I can’t imagine I had the foresight to do that on my own, but I don’t recall the specific steps I took to reinstall things when my server went down earlier this year.

On an aside, I totally messed things up posting questions and subjects. I can’t seem to edit my own OP, the subject is for another issue I am experiencing, which I’ve been trying to solve since the reinstallation. This OP (the contents) was meant to go as a reply to this thread here.
Is it possible to merge the posts here with that thread? Sorry for the inconvenience …

Anyway, thanks for the replies and the help, really appreciate it.

My duplicati systemd unit file doesn’t include a user or group, when I check the process it is running as root. It starts like this:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/duplicati-server $DAEMON_OPTS

/etc/default/duplicati specifies:
DAEMON_OPTS="--webservice-interface= --webservice-port=8200 --webservice-allowed-hostnames=*"

I did a clean fresh install of duplicati, its running as

I guess I can move the files in /root/.config/Duplicati, should be straightforward. I can stop duplicati.service, move the files:
mv /root/.config/Duplicati/* /usr/lib/duplicati/data

Edit the /etc/defaults/duplicati:
DAEMON_OPTS="--server-datafolder=/usr/lib/duplicati/data --webservice-interface= --webservice-port=8200 --webservice-allowed-hostnames=*"

And start duplicati.service again. However, I’m not sure if I should do this while having other issues as mentioned in the topic title. I’ve solved that in part, but Im still running in circles. I’ll post that in its own topic and edit this with the link.

Thanks again guys!

ps. when I mentioned the backup of the /root/ folder … the server that runs duplicati is not backed up by Duplicati itself, I make rsync snapshots to another disk of a selection of directories. I can include /root/ in that, but I rather move the files to /usr/lib/duplicati/data.

Maybe, but if this just gets tossed at the bottom of an already solved other thread, that will be messy…
You can also creates hyperlinks between threads if somehow you need to referencce something else.
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