Repair corrupted duplicati file?

Dear duplicati community,

I have set the option “backup-test-samples” to a certain amount, that more time is used to verify the files regularly. Tonight, I have got this message:

Failed to process file

I manually downloaded the file and tried to extract it with AESDecrpyt, and indeed, the file seems to be corrupted:

“Error: Message has been altered and should not be trusted”

Which options do I have no? Of course I could delete the whole backup and start from scratch, but is there any way to repair this file somehow without starting a complete new backup?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

There is no sure way to rebuild lost dblock files because they contain source data, and it may have changed.

What sort of destination is this, what is the file size, and what is the file date? New might have better chance.
Best case (although it seems unlikely based on your test method) would be if it’s from the very latest backup.

You can also see how far back the data in the corrupted file goes using commands run in GUI Commandline.
Run The AFFECTED command for

If it affects old files, then Recovering by purging files is probably the way out, but first let’s check the situation.

Thank you very much for your answer. Meanwhile I succeeded to try this:

  • deleted the affected zip.aes file manually from file system
  • started a new backup interation → error file is missing please repair
  • started REPAIR for the backup
  • started a new iteration → “version XX” is damaged
  • deleted all affected versions from history with DELETE one by one
  • started a new iteration → done!

Now I lost all versions from the last 10 days, but 95% of the size was written before this date, that was fine.

I will keep your idea with AFFECTED command in mind, if this will happen again