Repair and backup succes but after schedule says missing remote files

I seem to have messed things up this time around and can’t seem to get one backup working properly.

I reinstalled the server that is running Duplicati. I made backups before reinstalling the OS, but I missed the sqlite files which were stored in /root/, which I hadn’t included in my backups.

I did have the job exports, they are exported encrypted and stored away safely. I imported them and ran a repair. This completed succesfully for all three backup jobs.

Next morning after the scheduled runs, I have shitloads of errors of missing remote files for all three backup jobs. I wasn’t sure what to think of it, I figured maybe the repair didn’t complete so I deleted the databases and ran the recreate database for all three jobs. This time, I made sure all 3 completed succesfully, I checked the logs and I ran a manual backup afterwards. All was good to go!

Next morning, one backup is still missing remote files. 4203 to be precise. This is rediculous if you ask me but oke. I think thats everything thats in the remote but I can’t browse that s3 storage easily so Im not sure. The logs however, show no errors or warnings. So I am completely baffled why I keep getting the missing remote files.

The repair, the manual backup and the nightly backup show succeeded:

This morning, I see this (Tip: include a timestamp on that popup so we know when it occurred):

The remote log shows this:

I opened each line from last night, its HUGE, but no errors or warnings whatsoever. I can share it, but trust me all it says is a dozen or so lines of:


And then over 9000 lines like this (which I redacted just to be sure):


Again, no warnings or errors anywhere. I’m not sure, but if there really were missing files, shouldn’t it mention it there?

Could it be that Duplicati is showing me an old error and that for some reason it thinks I haven’t seen that yet and keeps showing it?

So yeh, Im not sure how to proceed. Any ideas please?


All my troubles are my own! Ha!

Im an idiot. I had selected the wrong s3 bucket for this backup job.

I’m recreating the database once more, I’ll run a backup and see if that will fix it.
Edit: It did.

So, since the backup ran succesfully on the wrong s3 bucket (its another jobs’ location), can I easily run a purge or something to clear those out from that location?

What selection is needed? Wouldn’t the Export give the correct bucket at time of Import?

Is this one of the other two that were imported and worked on? Can’t tell what’s what here.

You can use an S3 browser. There are lots, and some are free, e.g. WinSCP or Cyberduck.

Too many actions on too many jobs, and many deleted logs (job logs are in the job database).
If you can actually find the run you’re talking about, look in its job log at Complete log section.
BackendStatistics will tell you whether the backup changed anything. Or look at files on S3.

Typically when a backup fails, it logs to server log at About → Show log → Stored, not job log.
About → Show log → Live → Warning can show the file name details of the missing file error.
This log also allows free-form messages. The stored log is right from a table in the database.

You can verify a match (or not) between database and destination with Verify files button.
If nothing was changed, there is nothing to purge. Also see methods of log and file inspection.

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Its solved. Well, the backups run succesfully now, I just need to see if I can remove the wrong backup from that bucket. Let me clear up some of the confusion.

The exports were older exports that I made when all backup jobs went into the same bucket. I have since changed that and each job goes into its own bucket.

One of the imported jobs still had the original bucket specified. I keep notes and all passphrases with bucket names and job names in an encrypted database somewhere. So, I had all the correct info, except I must have copy/pasted the wrong bucket name. That job backed up succesfully to another jobs’ bucket. In the bucket stats I can see it grew with that size.

Yeh, I need to look into that for Linux.

I’m sure I can find the exact job(s), I’ve been testing for several days trying to fix what I didn’t realize was due to the job using the wrong bucketname.

I will try the verify.

Thanks for the help!